Home Strong (2015/16, 2016/17)

The Miami HEAT has a longstanding commitment to military families.

In 2006, we launched the Home Strong initiative to welcome home returning soldiers and provide support to families in their absence.

In 2015, our in-house creative team designed and debuted the Home Strong uniform as an on-court homage to our heroes in the Armed Forces.

And on the 10th anniversary of Home Strong, this connection grew deeper, more impactful, and ultimately, more human.

Each HEAT player’s Home Strong uniform included a patch bearing the name of a fallen service member from South Florida. The next of kin surviving these heroes were invited to HEAT media day to meet the players and coaches that would be honoring their family members on the court.

Emotions ran high, but we wanted our organization to feel the impact they were having and to understand these soldiers’ sacrifice.

Our intentions were to shine a light on these fallen soldiers and their families. HEAT Marketing supported this goal through public relations, digital, social, broadcast, out of home, and creative efforts.

Local and national media outlets covered the Home Strong campaign. Impressions on social media reached 17 million.

Court Culture, the in-house HEAT apparel brand, released a Home Strong collection in support of the initiative. A portion of all Home Strong retail profits were donated to a local charity benefiting military families.

Each fallen hero was honored at a HEAT game with a video. These emotional short features were permanently housed on a custom microsite.

In embracing the humanity behind the hero, in shining a light on these stories, we have reassured these families that the sacrifice made by their loved ones will never be forgotten. This is the commitment we have made.

For them, we are Home Strong. Forever.


Photography by David Alvarez.
Production by 305 Films.